Common Violations

  1. Property Standards Home

  2. High Grass & Weeds

    Access information on code violations for high grass and weeds.

  3. Trash & Debris

    See information on the common violation of trash and debris outside the home.

  4. Tree Limbs & Branches

    Learn about the common violation of overgrown tree limbs and branches.

  5. Off Street Parking

    Browse information on the common code violation of off street parking.

  6. Open Storage

    Discover details on the common violations of open storage.

  1. Fence Maintenance

    Discover the property standards for fence maintenance.

  2. Accessory Structures

    Look at the details of accessory building requirements.

  3. Graffiti

    Explore details on the violation of graffiti.

  4. Home Occupations

    Find out about the common violations from home occupations.

  5. Illegal Zoning Use

    Check out the Zoning Ordinance.

  6. Junk Vehicle

    Explore information on the common city violation for junk vehicles.