Recycle Right Plano

GetSmart.jpgNew Ads!
Be on the lookout for the Recycle Right Plano ads. The City of Plano’s new recycling awareness campaign is popping up all over town. Look for rolling bill boards on the sides of the city’s recycling fleet, in movie theaters, and grocery stores! And don’t forget to Recycle Right Plano.      

Recycling Incentive Program   
Do you Recycle Right?  The new citywide recycling incentive program encourages single-family residential customers to recycle more and reduce contamination in their recycle cart. Recyclers are eligible to earn a set of stainless steel recycle cans and a FREE year of collection from Environmental Waste Services ($196 value).

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
  1. Recycle
  2. Make sure you recycle EVERYTHING you can and no stray recyclable items end up in the trash cart on your service day.
  3. Keep trash out of your recycle cart.
Sign me up!
To opt-in to the recycling incentive program, complete the online form. Single-family residential customers who opt-in will receive periodic email updates on the program and a Recycle Right Plano sticker for their Recycle Cart.

Opt out of the program
All residences have the potential to participate in the recycling incentive program. If you would prefer to not participate, visit the website.

Not sure what to recycle?
Learn more about recycling from our online learning module, Take Care of the Trash.

Multi-Family & Commercial Tenants
Unfortunately, multi-family and commercial tenants are not eligible for the recycling incentive program. If you feel your complex or business should implement a recycling program, please contact your onsite management company or the City of Plano Commercial Recycling team to evaluate starting a recycling program.

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 Instagramlogo.png Calling all photographers! We want to catch you in the act! Post your photos to Instagram. Use #RecycleRightPlano and you'll be entered to win great recycling prizes! Don't wait - start posting now.

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