Volunteers in Plano

The Volunteers In Plano (VIP) Program is committed to encouraging citizen participation within the City of Plano through a variety of cooperative efforts that contribute to the overall productivity and quality of life of our City of Excellence.

In 2013, 6,300 volunteers contributed 94,934 hours to the City of Plano which is valued at $1,780,009 in labor.
VIP works in partnership with city staff, corporate and civic organizations, faith-based groups, schools, universities and non-profits to develop effective community programs to support and benefit the changing needs of the this vibrant city while elevating city services, programs and events, and raising public awareness about volunteerism.

Keller Williams service day
Volunteer engagement:
o Improves customer services and our relationship with the community we serve
o Allows the city to expand our capacity and to enhance services
o Provides strong community advocates
o Assists citizen understanding of municipal issues and programs

Popular Volunteer Placements:

Plano volunteer Kristyn Reeves details her experience at Plano Television Network. 
Kristyn started in May 2013 and is still learning more about her future career.