Outdoor Recreation

Step beyond the threshold of your front door and move into the warm rays of the sun while you breathe in the fresh air. Join Plano Outdoor Recreation instructors and fellow citizens as we get outside to play, learn, and explore. Gain knowledge on the local environment that we live in and the different natural systems that we can find with our Outdoor Education Programs.

Test your skill at fishing, archery and navigation among other activities with our Outdoor Activities Classes. Love to workout but can’t stand to stay indoors? Outdoor fitness classes will have many great opportunities to keep you motivated and challenged. Love everything about the outdoors and can’t get enough? Outdoor Adventures trips are designed to expand your horizons with different locations and activities that are outside Plano. Find details on these and other exciting Outdoor Recreation activities on our Recreation Online website.

Custom Class Requests

Can’t seem to find that specific class needed for your scout to earn their badge? Does your schedule never seem to match up with the program dates and times? Outdoor Adventures has you covered! Anything from setting up the ideal time for you to developing a specific hike for a group, we have the resources to help. Custom classes require a minimum number of 10 participants and are subject to instructor availability. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours and takes place at the Oak Point Park Nature and Retreat Center. (Guided Nature Walks can also be scheduled at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.)

Custom Class Request Form


Guided Nature Walk: $5/person ages 3 and up
Geocaching: $9/person. Must be at least 6 yrs old
Archery: $19/person. Must be at least 8 yrs old
Child to Adult required ratios are as follows:
1 adult for every 6 children ages 3 to 5 years old
1 adult for every 8 children ages 6 to 8 years old
1 adult for every 10 children over 8 years of age

Search for Instructors

Free Fall 2018 Classes at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Fishing Pole Rentals at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Tyke Hike Scavenger Hunt at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Tyke Hike Scavenger Hunt at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

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