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Thursday, July 7 - 7:30pm
Courtyard Texas Music Series 2016
The Tejas Brothers
Asleep at the Wheel

After forming in the fall of 2006, the Tejas Brothers quickly became the subject of big conversation around the stockyards of Fort Worth. Within a few short years, they were recognized as one of the best live acts in Texas. A Tejas Brothers performance will touch your heart and poke at your funny bone. Their unique sound is both new and familiar, like a new sound unexpectedly poured over a favorite song.

A typical trip through a Tejas Brothers medley might start out as a jumpin' tejano polka, hop into steam-engine country train song, and then drop you off into a twisting blues rocker!

Kelly Dearmore of the Dallas Observer wrote of the Tejas Brothers: “The quartet is once again proving itself to be one of the best bands in the state;” Roothog Radio says, “If this music doesn’t put a wiggle in your walk, you’d better get your hearing tested.”

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Thursday, August 4 - 7:30pm
Courtyard Texas Music Series 2016
Bart Crow
Asleep at the Wheel

Always known as “the nice guy” with a smile on his face, the tides are turning and the gloves are coming off. Bart Crow is still the kind of guy and artist fans in the South and Midwest have grown to love. But on his new album The Parade, boundaries disappear and things are getting real.

Myriad spirits haunt his music-- a choir of real American country in the fashion of Merle and Waylon, John Conlee, George Jones and Jerry Jeff Walker, razor-edged rock from Metallica, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, deep-fried Southern soul from Otis Redding and more.

New listeners may go beyond enjoying The Parade to identify with Crow as someone who knows first-hand the challenges of balancing one's dreams, integrity, responsibilities, and reality. That dream is within reach now because Crow's story is your story too. All you need to do is listen -- and join The Parade.

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