Active Zoning Petitions

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2018-014 - Request to rezone from Regional Commercial to Planned Development-Regional Commercial.

2018-020 - Request to amend Article 22 (Signs) and related sections of the Zoning Ordinance pertaining to modifications to the Dallas North Tollway Overlay District signage standards.

2018-023 - Request for Heritage Resource Designation.

2018-024 - Request for a Specific Use Permit for an Indoor Gun Range.

2018-025 - Request to rezone from Central Business-1 to Planned Development-Central Business-1.

2018-026 - Request for a Specific Use Permit to allow for Recreational Vehicle Sales & Service.

2018-027 - Request to amend the Zoning Ordinance related to refuse and recycling container and compactor placement, access, and screening requirements.

2018-028 - Request to rezone from Planned Development-202/Research/Technology Center to Retail.

2018-029 - Request for a Specific Use Permit for Indoor Gun Range.

2018-030 - Request to amend Planned Development-207-Retail.

2018-031 - Request to amend Specific Use Permit No. 483.

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