Explore Plano

Explore Plano
Get up and venture beyond the backyard this summer as you Explore Plano! Complete exciting self-paced challenges below and get acquainted with a few of the great things that the City of Plano has to offer. Share your progress and experiences on social media by using hashtag #ExplorePlano. The adventure begins June 1 and runs until August 31 so get your map and get started today!
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  3. August Challenges

Parks and RecreationTake and Share a Plano Wildlife Photo

Capture a wildlife photo (insects, birds, squirrels, etc.) along one of the trails at Oak Point Park and share on social media with hashtag #ExplorePlano. While you’re there find the Interactive Oak Tree at Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center and complete one of the activities it offers. 

Downtown PlanoAttend a Free Cinematic Adventure During the Sundown Cinema

Attend the Sundown Cinema on June 9 and June 10 at the Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Amphitheater. Bring your friends, family, neighbors, blankets, coolers and lawn chairs and embark on a free cinematic adventure in the park! Be sure to share your movie reviews with us by using hashtag #ExplorePlano.

SustainabilityVolunteer for a Litter Cleanup

Volunteer for a litter cleanup in your neighborhood. One of the ways we can keep Plano clean is by pitching in and picking up around neighborhoods, waterways and parks. Get a before and after photo of your cleanup by using hashtag #ExplorePlano.

Police Find and Take a Selfie Next to the Statue at the Police Station

Locate the statue of the police officer and the child located in front of the Plano Police Station in Downtown Plano. Once you do, get a selfie next to it and share on social media using hashtag #ExplorePlano. 

Fire Rescue Get CPR training with the Plano Fire Department

Take a Hands-Only CPR training at the Fire Administration Building anytime Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to learn Hands-Only CPR.  It only takes five minutes!  In those five minutes you'll learn how to know if someone needs CPR and how to do the very easy chest compressions you need to do to save a life. Take a photos while you’re there and post to social media with hashtag #ExplorePlano.

Animal Shelter Locate and Get a Selfie Next to the Dog and Cat Statue

Locate and get a selfie next to the dog and cat statue at the Plano Animal Shelter. Share your silly face and your selfie with hashtag #ExplorePlano.

911Take the 9-1-1 Quiz

Create an emergency contact form to put on your refrigerator. It’s always good to be prepared and know who to call in case of an emergency. Share a photo pointing to your contact form on your refrigerator using hashtag #ExplorePlano.

Plano Public Library System Learn a New Skill

Complete a certificate program at any of the Plano libraries through Lynda.com. The Plano Public Library System offers free resources which allow you to learn about photography, design, web development, software development and business. Share what you learned on social media with hashtags #ExplorePlano and #MoreThanBooks.

Neighborhood Services Create a Work of Art While You Learn Ways to be a Great Neighbor

Learn how to be a great neighbor while you color by picking up free coloring pages and crayons at the Neighborhood Services Department. Share a photo of your artwork or something nice you did for your neighbor with hashtag #ExplorePlano.