Your neighborhood has been selected for the On-Call Collection Pilot program. Regular trash and recycling collections are not impacted by the pilot. Click on the image below to download a map of the pilot area.

Bulky Waste Pilot - Districts

Two types of collections are being tested during the pilot - Large Yard Trimmings and Bulky Waste Collections. If you live in a pilot area, you should receive two postcards describing how each of these services works during the pilot period.

Why Try an On-Call Collection Pilot

The once-per-month collection day has been upgraded to a scheduled collection within two business days. In order to collect most piles within one business day, a boom truck is necessary. Over the years, the boom truck has increased in size while the alleys remain unchanged. To avoid damage, such as ruts and fence damage, the boom truck can only efficiently operate in the front curbside. A pile that could sit in the alley, blocking traffic and creating an eyesore, for three or more weeks will now be collected within two business days, with most stops collected within one business day. As the pilot progresses and expands to more residents of Plano, we continue to evaluate best practices.The goal of the On-Call Collection Pilot is to explore on-call service as a way to improve the efficiency of our services while saving gas, reducing emissions, preserving equipment and minimizing staffing. 

How to Make an On-Call Collection

  • Call 972-769-4150 to schedule the collection.
  • Place items on the front curb by 7 a.m. on the scheduled day.
  • Only one 10 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. pile of items will be collected for FREE. Additional or larger collections can be scheduled for a fee by calling the same number - 972-769-4150.
  • Keep items at least 3 feet from trees, vehicles, fire hydrants and mailboxes.
  • Remember, any bulky material that does not fit into the trash cart must be scheduled by calling 972-769-4150.

Weekly Yard Trimmings Collections

Yard Waste Instructions

  • Continue to place smaller amounts of yard trimmings at your cart collection point.
  • Only one 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. manageable pile will be collected each week.
  • Yard bags will continue to be collected at the collection point regardless of the number of bags.
  • For yard trimmings to be recycled into Texas Pure Products, the trimmings must be clean and free of trash such as concrete, metal or plastic.

Bulky Waste Collections

Bulky Waste Instructions

  • Once-a-Month Bulky Waste Collection is suspended during the pilot.
  • Brush and yard trimmings are collected separately.
  • Some appliances require a fee for collection, particularly those with refrigerant chemicals.
  • Help extend the space of our landfill by donating household items, small electronics, toys and clothing to a charitable organization.

To schedule any On-Call Collection Service, you must call 972-769-4150.

Para ésta información en español, lláme 972-769-4150.