Bike Share Pilot Program

What is the Bike Share Pilot Program?

The City of Plano launched a Bike Share Pilot Program that will provide the public with a new mobility choice within the City.  The program is a dockless bike share, allowing users to rent a bike through a smart-phone app, and park it at the end of their ride.  The City is permitting qualified companies to operate a bike share by leaving bikes for rental in “Home Zones”.  If the company(ies) fail to comply with the terms of the permit, the permit can be revoked.

At the end of the pilot program, in December 2018, the City will evaluate the performance of the program.

How does dockless bike share work?

  • Download the bike share rental company’s app to your smart device (available iOS app and Google Play stores).
  • Using the app, bikes can be located near you and unlocked.
  • Upon completion of the ride, park and relock the bike.

Where do I park the bike when I’m finished?

Upon completion of your ride, bikes should be parked upright and shall not impede pedestrian access. 

Do NOT leave bikes blocking sidewalks and in:

  • Loading zones
  • Accessible parking zones
  • Barrier free ramps
  • Driveways
  • Non-hard surfaces


The permit requirements allow bike share companies the ability to stage bikes for rental in designated areas called “Home Zones”.  The home zones must be limited to hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, brick). 

How do I report a problem?

For the quickest response, we encourage you to reach out directly to the bike owner and inform them of the issue.  Contact information for the bike share rental company can be found on the bike.  You can also utilize our “Fix It Plano” app to report an issue with a bicycle. 


Bike share rental companies interested in applying for a permit are encouraged to download the permit and review all requirements.  For questions about the permit process, please contact Neelam Fatima at .

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