Envision Oak Point

Envision Oak Point is a long-range planning policy that presents the community's vision for a 730-acre segment of northeast Plano, now known as the Oak Point area. Adopted by the Plano City Council on July 23, 2018, this community-driven planning policy serves as a guide for the future of this area, promoting new investment that responds to the community's vision of "Enhancing Community, Establishing Place".

The Envision Oak Point vision and strategic planning framework will be used by current and future city leadership to:

  • Evaluate future zoning change requests and development proposals in Oak Point
  • Plan for future infrastructure needs in and around this area; and
  • Communicate a 30-year vision for the area, guiding short-,med-, and long-term change.
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Envision Oak Point enhances community and establishes place by unifying northeast Plano, serving as it's social hub and shaping unique, amenity-rich neighborhoods connecting the area's diverse population to its vast network of natural features and open spaces.