Swap and Save: Switch to LED

We're working together with our residents to install 4,000 LED bulbs in Plano. Pledge to switch two of your most used lights with LED bulbs and help us reach our goal!

3,000 LED Goal Reached
3,000 Bulbs Installed
$414,150 Estimated Electricity Savings
3,765,000 kWh Estimated Electricity Savings
1,732 CO2e Estimated Emissions Reduction

*Over the lifetime of the LED when compared to traditional 60W bulbs.

Choose the Right Light

The Smart Choice
Over the last few years LED bulbs have dropped significantly in price and are a great way for residents to save money while helping the environment. 

Money Saving
LEDs might cost a dollar or two more than CFLs and traditional bulbs, but they’ll pay for themselves in electricity savings in a matter of months. 

Long Lasting
One LED bulbs lasts as long as 25 traditional bulbs. 

Environmentally Conscious
LED bulbs reduce electricity usage which improves our air quality. They also last much longer which reduces waste. Win-Win! 

You can get LEDs in a range of colors and styles to fit your light preference and the style of your home.