Deferred Disposition

Qualifying for a Deferred Disposition

You can either appear in person to fill out an Application for Deferred Disposition or apply online, if eligible. If you qualify, you will be required to pay the state costs and a special expense fee. The state costs and special expense fee will be an amount equal to the fine and costs that are set for the alleged offense. If you hold or held a commercial drivers license at the time of the alleged offense, you may not qualify for deferred disposition.

Past Due Cases

If your case is past due, or if it has been forwarded to our Collection Agency, or if it is in warrant status, you may still apply for Deferred Disposition. However, the amount for the Special Expense Fee will be the maximum amount allowed by state law, and it will be due when the request for Deferred Disposition is made.

Payment for Deferred Disposition

If you would like to know what the total amount required for deferred disposition will be, you may check the link for fine information and see the fine amounts listed for the most common violations. You may also dial 972-941-2199 and then press three for a list of the most common violations. These fine amounts will be for violations that are not past due. If you do not find your specific violation, you may press “0” to speak with a court representative.

All credit card payments will incur a processing fee.