Deferred Disposition - Juveniles

Qualifying for Deferred Disposition
Deferred disposition or probation is an alternative which, if successfully completed, can result in the dismissal of the charge against you. You must answer the following questions before the judge to determine eligibility:
  • Do you have a valid Class C driver's license?
  • Was there an accident involved at the time you received this citation?
  • Are you now on deferred disposition in Plano for a citation of the same type violation?
  • Have you had a citation for the same type violation dismissed in Plano for deferred disposition within the 12 months preceding the date of this citation?

Based on your answers, the judge will determine if you are eligible for deferred disposition. If you qualify, you will be required to pay the state costs and a special expense fee. The state costs and special expense fee will be an amount equal to the fine and costs that are set for the alleged offense and will be due at the time deferred disposition is granted.

Other Provisions
If you were charged with a traffic offense, you will be required to take a driving safety course as a term and condition of deferred disposition.

If you have a provisional drivers license, you will be required to complete an exam at the Department of Public Safety and take a driving safety course as a term and condition of deferred disposition.

You will be required to return the term and condition documents at the end of the deferral period. If you have received no additional violations and all requirements imposed in the deferred order are satisfied, your citation will be dismissed.

Past Due Cases
If your case is past due, or if it has been forwarded to our collection agency, or if it is in warrant status, you may still apply for deferred disposition. However, the amount for the special expense fee will be the maximum amount allowed by state law, and it will be due when the request for deferred disposition is made.

If you would like to know what the total amount required for deferred disposition will be prior to your coming in and completing an application, you may click the link for payment Information and see the fine amounts listed for the most common violations. You may also dial (972) 941-2199 and then press three for the list of the most common violations. These fine amounts will be for violations that are not past due. If you do not find your specific violation, you may press "0" to speak with a court representative.

Note: Effective August 1, 2009, all credit card and debit card payments will incur a 3.5% processing fee.