Adapted Recreation

Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs
The Plano Parks and Recreation Adapted Recreation programs offer recreational opportunities for individuals with special needs from 12 months to over 60 years of age. Programs are offered year round and provide a variety of activities such as; fitness, crafts and fine arts, education, outings and a variety of other programs that meet the needs of children/teens and adults with disabilities. Most classes are held at Liberty Recreation Center, 2601 Glencliff Drive. See our Leisure Catalog for location, dates and times..
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Although these programs are recreational, there are many benefits that are inherent within each of the programs. They stress social interaction, self-direction, speech and language and community involvement. These recreational programs provide a safe environment, respite for parents and caregivers, and learning through a variety of classes. Staff and volunteers are there to assist each participant in getting the most out of each program they attend.

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Program Guidelines
  • Registration is required for all programs.
  • You must have a participant information form on file with the AR Department.
  • Payment for all activities must be made in advance unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Participants must be independent with personal care or provide an aide.
  • When arriving at a program, parents are asked to check in with a staff person, sign in, and leave a phone number where you can be reached. Please complete these actions before leaving your child.
  • If a participant is being picked up by an unfamiliar guardian, friend, etc., the parent is asked to notify the staff person.
  • Appropriate behavior is expected from participants. This includes the ability to follow directions and interact with other individuals in a socially appropriate manner.
  • If inappropriate behavior becomes a concern, and affects the safety of the participants and the ability of the staff to conduct the program, it will be discussed with the parents / caregivers and the consequences will be determined, including suspension.
For questions about these requests, please call Dianne Dillon at 972-941-7272.

Adapted Recreation Programs