Citizen Programs

  1. Police Home

  2. CARE Program

    A citizen program that provides a daily phone call to homebound or elderly residents to ensure their well being.

  3. Citizens Assisting Plano Police

    Learn about the duties for volunteers in this program.

  4. Citizens Parking Patrol

    Read about the qualifications for people who would like to volunteer for this program.

  5. Citizens Police Academy

    Obtain information about what the Citizen's Police Academy program entails.

  6. Community Camera Program

    Register your video surveillance system with the Plano Police Department.

  7. Kids Night Out

    Research this information to find out about the safe alternative to Trick-or-Treating this Halloween.

  8. Law Enforcement Explorers Post

    Utilize this information to find out how to get your youth involved with the Plano Police Department.

  9. Lock, Take & Hide

    Check out how to get a campaign poster.

  1. National Night Out

    Access information about how your neighborhood can get involved in the National Night Out program.

  2. Neighborhood Crime Watch

    Obtain the latest Crime Watch Bulletins.

  3. Operation ID

    Read about how to take advantage of this program to protect your home.

  4. Take Me Home Program

    Learn how to enroll someone with a disability into the program if they may need extra help in an emergency.

  5. Teddy Bear Program

    Find out about what the Teddy Bear Program is and how you can get involved.

  6. Upcoming Events

    View all the upcoming events related to the Police Department.

  7. Vacation Safety School

    Find out about the valuable information taught in this class.

  8. Youth Police Academy

    Review information about the requirements of youth that take part in the academy.


    An Outreach Program to provide assistance to Spanish speaking residents in the Plano area.