Love Where You Live

Background & History
Love Where You Live events empower communities by demonstrating that acts of kindness bring people together, thus strengthening the community.

It provides a vehicle for people to demonstrate compassion and kindness on a broad and collective basis. The effort builds bridges between demographic, socioeconomic, ideological, religious and geographic barriers, resulting in community transformation.
  • Love Where You Live is not a one day event.
  • It’s an “attitude” and “commitment” to reach out to our neighbors.
  • Love Where You Live is an attitude of caring for others.
  • Love Where You Live is a commitment to help others.
  • Love Where You Live will transform our community!
Current Project
Starting in July of 2015, Love Where You Live will be working in the Armstrong Park and Plano Park neighborhoods. Work will continue through June of 2016.  Here is a map for this neighborhood.

Project Schedule
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Spring 2016 Project Schedule 

Brochures & Documents Love Where You Live Supporters
As of March 2014, Love Where You Live initiatives have been sponsored and/or supported by the following partners and volunteer groups.

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More Information
If you have any questions, or would like more information about Love Where You Live, please contact a Neighborhood Planner at (972) 208-8150.