Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Grants

Long-Term Planning with Government Grants

Annually the City of Plano receives entitlement funds from the US. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the form of two grants, the Community Development Block Grant and the HOME Investment Partnership Grant. These grants require long-term planning for expenditures through a Consolidated Planning process and regular accountability to HUD throughout each grant year.

Consolidated Plan of Plano's Housing & Community Development Needs

The City’s HUD grants are spent in accordance with a five year plan, the Consolidated Plan of Plano’s housing and community development needs. Recent plans:

Annual Action Plan

The City develops an annual action plan which describes projects approved by the City Council for use of the current year’s funding allocation.

Citizen Participation Plan for HUD Grants

The City is committed to providing opportunities for citizens to participate and comment in the planning, implementation, and assessment of its HUD programs. The Citizen Participation Plan (CPP) sets forth policies and procedures for providing public notice, holding public hearings, and obtaining public comments on the use of HUD funds.

Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

At the end of each grant year, the City submits a consolidated report to HUD on the performance of grant funds and related Consolidated Plan goals: 

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

As part of its HUD-required Consolidated Plan process, the City must analyze the state of fair housing choice which includes identifying impediments and suggested remedial actions to affirmatively further fair housing in the City. Please see the link below for the City’s current Analysis of Impediments. HUD issued a new rule in July 2015 that replaces the Analysis of Impediments requirement with the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). The City completed its AFH process as part of a regional collaboration.  A draft of the City's AFH, linked below, is available for public comment from December 10 - January 14.  Please refer to the public notice below for information on how to submit a comment.  For more information, see our Fair Housing page. 

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Community Development Block Grant & HOME Investment Partnership Program Funding

Funds from these grants are distributed annually through a competitive process. Grant recipients through the City must sign a contract, can only use funds to serve income-eligible, Plano residents, and must maintain standards outlined in the compliance manual below. Funds are provided on a reimbursement basis. Application through the Consolidated Grant Process.
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