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Interactive Maps
The GIS Division of the Planning Department maintains interactive maps, that includes information on Homeowners Associations, Zoning, Community Investment Program (CIP) Projects and Multi-family Inspection Scores, Facilities, Garbage and Bulky Waste Pickup, Lost & Found Animals, and Development Project Information. Please use IE (Internet Explorer) to visit this Map Website since there are some compatibility issues with other browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Contact Xin Kang with the City of Plano Planning Department if you have questions about interactive maps.

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The Planning Department collects and analyzes demographic, physical, social, and economic data regarding the City of Plano. All figures below are based on the U.S. Census and the most recent data from the American Community Survey.

General Characteristics
View the 2010 Census Data for Plano.

Data by Census Tract (2010 Census)
Race / Ethnicity
Demographic Maps
2010 Census Income
Under 5
Asian Census Tract Map Under 50k
5 to 9 Black Population Distribution by Census Tract 50k - 100k
10 to 14 Hispanic Residential Growth Pattern Map 100k - 150k
15 to 19 White Over 150k
20 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 44

45 to 54

55 to 64

Over 65

American Community Survey (ACS)
Each year the U.S. Census Bureau surveys a small sample of households in Plano to produce estimates of age, race, education, income, poverty and other important demographic and social characteristics.

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Contact Steve Sims with the City of Plano Planning Department if you have questions about local data.