Park Master Plan

Composition of the Plan
The Park Master Plan incorporates all of the city's demographic data, surveys, assessments, and guidelines concerning the recreation needs of the citizens. The plan establishes specific criteria for the locations, designs, and development of all parks and recreation facilities. It has been updated seven times since 1977 to reflect the changing needs of Plano residents. Additional information is included in the Plano Tomorrow Plan which is available on the Planning Department website here.  View the updated Master Plan map.

park master plan IMAGE
Carpenter Park Preliminary Master Plan for Renovations
Plano Parks and Recreation has developed a preliminary plan to renovate Carpenter Park, located at 6701 Coit Road. Over the next several weeks, representatives from the department will meet with area residents to gather input on the proposed renovations. Below is a rendition of a preliminary master plan, as well as frequently asked questions about the renovations.
 Below are individual master plans for parks currently under construction and/or renovation: