Past Comprehensive Plans

Plano’s history of comprehensive planning began with the adoption of the city’s first comprehensive plan in 1963. That plan was utilized for over two decades to shape development patterns in the community. The 1986 comprehensive plan, which succeeded the city’s first comprehensive plan, is provided below both in its original form and as it has been amended over the past three decades. The city’s current comprehensive plan, the Plano Tomorrow Plan, was adopted by the City Council on October 12, 2015 and provides a 20-30 year vision that will guide Plano’s continued evolution and maturation as a community.    

Elements  Policy Statements  Maps
 Introduction  Bicycle Transportation  Land Use
 Land Use  Rezoning to Meet Demand  Thoroughfare Plan and Cross Sections
 Transportation  Housing Density Policy Statement  Bicycle
 Urban Design  Infill Housing Policy Statement  Parks
 Housing  Mixed Use Policy Statement  Education
 Economic Development    
 Public Services and Facilities    
 Parks and Recreation    

Original Plan as Adopted on November 24, 1986
Please note original plan elements as provided in the chart below have been updated and modified since 1986. Please see links in the previous Comprehensive Plan chart above for updated plan elements. 

Resolution No 86-11-22 (R) Urban Design Element Education Element Appendices
Introduction Housing Element Parks and Recreation Element Future Land Use Plan
Land Use Element Economic Development Element Utilities Element Thoroughfare Plan
Transportation Element Public Services and Facilities Element Design Studies Element