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Posted on: May 31, 2017

What’s happening right now at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve?

5k trail

Anyone who has driven down Los Rios Boulevard lately has probably noticed a lot of earth being turned over at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve. While it may not look so pretty now, the result of this project will actually give more recreation and nature fans even more reason to visit year-round.

The first phase of Plano Parks and Recreation’s Improvements 2017 project (which began in March) consists of creating additional concrete trails to this portion of the preserve. These trails will create a loop around the preserve through portions of it that no one has been able to experience before due to its lack of access. These trails were also designed to accommodate 5K races within the park, allowing runners to stay safely within the confines of the preserve. A large area has been designed on the hillside to be used as the start and finish line for these races, and restrooms and pavilions are expected to be included in the second phase of this project. Also included in the next phase is a large playground situated among the trees, parking and a soft turf grass area perfect for picnics.

The part of the project that may not look so obvious now is taking place on the other side of the preserve off Jupiter Road. Crews are working to create a concrete recreational trail connecting Oak Point Nature & Retreat Center to Oak Point Amphitheater by way of a pedestrian bridge over Rowlett Creek. This bridge is just another way our department is working to give visitors additional access points to and from the preserve while also being respectful of its scenic beauty.

Visitors will ultimately be able to continue their journey west to Oak Point Recreation Center and Collin College on the other side of Jupiter Road via a new trail that will be constructed using an existing underpass under Spring Creek Parkway. The box culvert was constructed when the street was built with the expectation that it would provide for a trial connection in the future. The future is finally here and we are hoping for this and the hillside project to be complete sometime this fall, weather permitting.

As we continue to keep you up-to-date via the Plano Parks & Recreation Blog, we also encourage you to visit our construction updates page here. As always, we would like to thank you for our patience as we continue to find more ways to bring Plano citizens closer to nature.

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