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Posted on: September 27, 2017

Liberty Rec Center supervisor returns from Harvey relief mission


With Hurricane Harvey relief efforts still ongoing, we are proud of the Plano Parks and Recreation staff who have gone out of their way to help those effected by last month’s devastation in the Houston area. The stories are trickling in, and while these individuals do not seek special recognition, we can’t help but celebrate them and share their experiences with the community.

Our next story comes out of Liberty Recreation Center (2601 Glencliff Drive), where Assistant Supervisor Rachel Fernandez spent four days down in Houston delivering bags of cat and dog food, not to mention a considerable amount of nonperishable food and water. But that’s not all—she and her friends also raised $5,000 to hand out $100 Visa gift cards for random folks in need. Rachel also collected and delivered clean clothes and stuffed animals for the homeless.

“Lots of tears and sadness and joy were had. They were most grateful that some people really do care about someone they don’t even know,” Rachel told us.

Even the smRachelCatRescueallest act of kindness goes a long way, especially when it comes to animals. Rachel, who has a pretty large soft spot for animals (she has 14 four-legged friends at home, including a blind horse named Herman), was able to rescue a lost tabby cat and save a pelican whose legs were tangled up in debris. Rachel even took the time to relocate a frog she found on the second floor of a house she was helping clean out.

“I had to set him free,” she said. “He didn’t look like someone’s pet—little guy was probably taking a break from the flood and couldn’t find his way back out of the home.”

When asked what prompted her to take such action, Rachel said it was the number of people she saw living in their vehicles off the highway during her commute to and from work. Thanks to donations from friends, family and coworkers, Rachel was able to stop and hand out tents, first aid kits, blankets, food, water and baby food to Houston refugees making their way to Dallas.

 “I’m fortunate to have a home to go to and a job that supplies my needs,” she said. “I may not have a lot to offer, but I will always give a lending hand to help anyone or thing in need. When we leave this world you can’t take anything with you, so why not pass it on to make this a better place?”

We’re glad to have you back, Rachel! To read about other Parks and Recreation employees’ Harvey rescue efforts, click here.

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