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Posted on: November 9, 2017

Plano Recognized for Educating, Motivating North Texans to Make Clean Air Choices

Ozone season is nearing an end in North Texas, and steady improvement continues to be a theme, as has been the case for several years. This year, the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s ozone concentration is on track to drop to its lowest point yet. The businesses, governments and those who make the region successful have all played a role in continued air quality improvement through Air North Texas, the region’s public awareness campaign designed to help us all breathe cleaner air.

A few organizations stood out among other top contributors this ozone season, which was extended by one month, to Nov. 30, starting this year.

The City of Plano was recognized for its Outstanding Effort in Partner Involvement. The Live Green in Plano air quality webpage included information about Air North Texas, while encouraging visitors to become partners. Plano’s sustainability staff members participated in Air North Texas meetings and conference calls. Other cities were also encouraged to participate in the program throughout the year.  

The awards were announced at the Nov. 9 Regional Transportation Council meeting. Air North Texas is one of many strategies in place to improve air quality as 10 North Texas counties strive to meet the Environmental Protection Agency regulation for ozone pollution. Improving air quality is important for residents’ health and quality of life and helps preserve the region’s economic vitality.

Air North Texas includes 35 partners committed to educating the public about air quality and motivating them to help make the air healthier to breathe. Among North Texans’ options are riding transit, maintaining their vehicles, biking or walking more, carpooling, pursuing energy-efficient home improvements and incorporating other clean air choices into daily routines. It is coordinated through the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).

A committee made up of previous Air North Texas award recipients and NCTCOG staff members selected the award recipients. Criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information in partners’ annual progress reports helped the committee determine the winners.

About Air North Texas:
The City of Plano is one of several organizations involved with Air North Texas, a regional air quality partnership and general public outreach effort. Air North Texas leverages existing resources and program strengths to offer the public a comprehensive resource for air quality information. Collaborative efforts focus on reducing harmful emissions, protecting public health and welfare, motivating residents to make choices that improve air quality and preserving the economic vitality of the region. Visit to learn more.


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