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Posted on: August 7, 2018

Let your energy flow with new classes at Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center

Let your energy flow with new classes at Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center

Grace Clevenger was born and raised in China. Having moved to Texas some twenty years ago, the McKinney resident has introduced many North Texans to a new fitness program rooted in Chinese tradition.

Grace is founder of BaoJian Fitness and was recently welcomed as one of our newest instructors at Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center (TMC). Her new class, Energy Boost From China, teaches individuals how to start a holistic maintenance plan aimed at improving strength and energy levels in order to live a longer, healthier life. 

“The body is like a car—it requires regular maintenance,” Grace said. “I incorporate low-impact, natural movements as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and for good reason. By respecting the natural range of motion of our joints, ligaments and muscles, we can provide our bodies with energy boosting movements the way nature intended.”

The 11-class session begins Sept. 18. The class attracts people of all ages and abilities, something TMC prides itself on providing as a whole, Recreation Coordinator Jason Owen said. These days, people from all walks of life are finding their way to healthy living at Plano’s recreation centers through a variety of invigorating classes that are beneficial for both mind and body. You can review our fall schedule and class descriptions here.

While Jason sees small group and specialized training growing in popularity at TMC, the demand for   everything from classic tai chi to boot camps has not changed either.

“Our class patrons range in age from 30 to 70, so we try to strike a good balance when it comes to group fitness and when they are offered,” Jason said. “All of our instructors work well with our clientele, too—some of them have been with us since our facility opened in 2007. So if you find the right instructor, you’re golden here for years to come.”

  Other new classes at Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center this fall include:

  • Indoor Cycling—This low-impact, high-energy class is a beeline toward a stronger heart, improved oxygen delivery to the muscles, and increased metabolism.

  • Core Strength—Strengthen your abdominal muscles and back using body weight and light dumbbells for this quick and effective 30-minute class.

  • Complete Yoga—Come experience yoga in its entirety to reap the full strength, flexibility and balance benefits while calming the mind and cleansing the channels of the body.

Stay tuned for class highlights at our other recreation centers.  You can register for this and other fall classes through Recreation Online. Spaces fill up fast, so sign up soon! 

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