Why would I want to own a heritage property?
• Are eligible for a partial property tax exemption (based on level of maintenance)
• Fall under the Uniform Code for Building Conservation when renovation are made
• May be officially recognized with plaques

Old buildings:
• Are physical links to the past
• Give a sense of community and personal identity
• Have intrinsic value as art
• Provide environmental diversity
• Continue to be useful

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1. Why heritage preservation?
2. Why would I want to own a heritage property?
3. Are there any financial incentives available to owners of designate heritage resources?
4. How does the tax exemption program work?
5. How does owning a heritage resource or property in a district affect me as a property owner?
6. Can I still make changes to my property?
7. How do I apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness?
8. Will I be required to restore my building or make improvements just because I own a heritage resource?
9. Does the City provide any services to help residents with applying for a Certificate of Appropriateness?
10. How do I get more information about the City of Plano’s Heritage Preservation Program?