What is the purpose of an on-street bicycle route network?

The on-street bicycle routes will have signage to show bicyclists how to navigate through the city using lower volume roadways. The on-street bicycle route network also includes several arterial roads or portions of arterial roads that are identified as bicycle routes as they are essential to completing connections where no other option is available. Plano’s on-street bicycle routes can be found on this on-street bicycle transportation map. Signs are placed along routes so bicyclists can get the route information as they travel to connect to multi-use recreational trails, schools, libraries, recreation centers, DART bus or rail transit stops, shopping or places of employment. The signage also lets motorists know that bicyclists will be present on those routes.

Bicycle Transportation Map

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1. What is an on-street bicycle route?
2. What is the background of the on-street bicycle routes?
3. What is the purpose of an on-street bicycle route network?
4. Where will the on-street bicycle routes go?
5. What will the signage be?
6. What do the numbers mean?
7. What other cities have designated on-street bicycle routes that connect to Plano?
8. What cities currently connect or will connect to Plano with on-street bicycle routes and/or multi-use recreational trails?
9. Which cities in North Texas have plans for on-street bicycle routes?
10. How can I plan a route?
11. What are the laws for bicycling on the streets?
12. What are the rules for bicycling on the multi-use recreational trails?
13. What bicycle repair shops are located in Plano?
14. What are the local cycling clubs in the Plano/North Texas area?
15. Who can I contact for more information?