What do I need to do if I have lost/found an animal?
If you have a lost pet, we will ask that you come to the shelter and make a lost report. It is the owner’s responsibility to visit the shelter and reclaim any lost pet prior to the expiration of the animal’s hold period.

All found animals must be reported to Animal Services. Finders can bring the animal to our shelter anytime during our regular shelter hours or they can request that an Animal Services Officer pick the animal up from their residence. If you are willing to care for the animal until the owner can be located, please let us know when you report it. Please be advised that after five (5) days, you are considered the owner of said found animal and will be responsible to abide by all City Ordinances and State Laws, including rabies vaccination and city license requirements.

For more information, visit our Missing or Found Pets page.Missing or Found Pets

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