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Mayor/City Council Request Form

  1. Please complete and submit this form for processing. The best time to submit a request is six weeks prior to your event. Requests submitted outside of that timeframe will be considered, but the Mayor/Council’s availability might be reduced. If you have questions or if you do not receive an email from a city staff member (other than the auto-generated confirmation of your submittal) within ONE week you may contact Dee Dee Falls at or 972-941-7747.

  2. Please upload a separate file with any suggested wording for the official document here.

  3. Please provide any additional information regarding this request if needed.

  4. If reserved parking is available, please describe.

  5. If speaking is requested please note desired topic.

  6. If you have a suggested script please upload it here.

  7. Please upload event agenda here and send a FINAL agenda to 10 days prior to the event date.

  8. If yes, please note pronunciations in the space provided above.

  9. Please provide any other information regarding this request here if needed.

  10. Please send pictures of the event to Dee Dee Falls ( for possible use by Plano’s Marketing & Community Engagement Department.

  11. Share your organization's social media handles here.

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