Smart Energy Loan Program

Program Notice:

Thank you for your interest in the Smart Energy Loan program. With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, new application packets may only be submitted by emailing or completing the online form.

Please call us at 972-208-8150 if you have any further questions.

Program Details:

The City of Plano established this loan program through the Department of Energy to support Plano homeowners seeking energy efficient home improvements. 

In partnership with BTH Bank, financing will be provided to program participants, subject to credit approval. Loan terms and interest rate will be determined by BTH Bank. Loan amounts range from $2,500 - $25,000. This loan program will continue to offer future loans as existing loans are paid off. Due to Department of Energy and EECGB Template Guidelines, no pre-completed project can be funded through the Smart Energy Loan Program. 

By participating in this program, you could:

  • Reduce your home energy bills
  • Improve the comfort level in your home
  • Take comfort by knowing your home is safe and healthy by correcting pre-existing conditions
  • Increase the longevity of your home
  • Enhance the market value
  • Decrease your home’s carbon footprint

Program Benefits:

  • Our partner, BTH Bank, has agreed to give competitive interest rates on all Smart Energy loans.
  • The approved contractors and auditors have been vetted by our staff which means that if you have a problem, City staff will be able to communicate directly with the contractor, keeping in mind that the service contract is between you and the contractor. Please be aware that our approved auditors do not solicit door to door.
  • A City Housing Project Coordinator will ensure that the work performed by the contractor has been permitted (for those improvements requiring a permit).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident Alien
  • Live in an owner-occupied home in Plano
  • Hold title to the property with no voluntary liens
  • Be current on your mortgage and property taxes
  • Have homeowners insurance
  • Have no bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past three years
  • Meet minimum credit and income requirements as determined by Lender
  • Complete all required program documents

Eligible Improvements:

Eligible Improvement Categories
*  Air Sealing & Ventilation*  Reflective Roof
*  Insulation*  Pool Equipment
*  Space Heating and Cooling*  Landscaping
*  Water Heating*  Solar Hot Water
*  Lighting*  Solar/Photovoltaics
*  Day-lighting*  Small Wind Turbines
*  Windows, Doors, and Skylights*  Fireplaces

Ineligible Projects:

Structural and cosmetic repairs/products not directly related to completing the energy efficiency projects/items.

Emergency Repairs/Improvements:

In emergency situations, the approval process is streamlined.  A home energy audit is NOT required.  An emergency condition must pose a serious and immediate threat to the health and welfare of the family- generally within two weeks- and without warning.  

Typical emergency repairs include:

  • Hot Water Systems
  • Mechanical Systems (i.e. HV/AC or heating, depending on the season)