SEL - Is This An Emergency?

Is this an Emergency?

An emergency is a condition posing a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the family - generally within two weeks - and without warning. In emergency situations, the approval process is streamlined. A home energy audit is NOT required and you may choose your own contractor.

Typical emergency repairs include:

  • Hot Water Systems
  • Mechanical Systems (i.e. HVAC or heating, depending on the season)

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SEL Emergency Replacement Process

  1. Homeowner applies to city (online or hard copy), acknowledges Resident Agreement
  2. City determines homeowner eligibility
  3. City notifies homeowner and Credit Union of Texas (CUT) of eligibility; homeowner then applies for loan approval with CUT
  4. CUT determines approval and notifies homeowner and city.
  5. Homeowner sends contractor estimate to city for approval. City reviews estimate and issues a Project Eligibility Letter (PEL) to homeowner for work to begin
  6. Homeowner coordinates and completes project scope, while selected contractor insures all permits and inspections are completed
  7. Homeowner notifies city when scope of work is complete and provides final, signed invoice
  8. City issues Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) to CUT and homeowner to schedule closing
  9. CUT issues funding check to contractor and homeowner upon completing / closing the homeowner's loan
  10. Homeowner begins loan repayment