Plano Community Garden

Plano Community Garden signThe Plano Community Garden was established in 2007 through a partnership between Junior League of Collin County, the City of Plano’s Sustainability & Environmental Education Division and volunteer Plano Community Gardeners. Today, the garden’s 50 raised beds, maintained by the Plano Community Gardeners, provide over 5,000 pounds of fresh organic produce annually to local food pantries serving Plano families. The garden also provides hands-on educational opportunities for local schools and organizations.

Get Involved at the Plano Community Garden

The Plano Community Garden (PCG) is one of many volunteer opportunities offered through the Live Green in Plano Volunteer Program. 

Volunteers can participate in the monthly garden workdays or can decide to adopt a plot once the orientation is attended, and an Apprenticeship is completed.

The Apprenticeship provides volunteers with hands-on training at the PCG, and the guidance of working with a mentor for up to one year (if needed).  Apprentices assist their mentor with caring for their plots while gaining experience in the garden. Once Apprentices are ready, they are able to adopt a plot of their own. An Apprenticeship may not be required based on previous gardening experience.

Volunteers who are only interested in participating at the monthly garden workdays can do so without adopting a plot by attending the New Volunteer Orientation to get started.

How to Become an Apprentice/Adopt a Plot


  • Create your volunteer profile and attend the next Live Green in Plano New Volunteer Orientation by clicking here.


  • Volunteer at a PCG workday. You can sign up for the PCG workday once the New Volunteer Orientation is attended.

Once these steps are completed, you will be paired with a mentor.

Becoming a Plano Community Gardener by Adopting a Plot requires making a promise to:

  • Care for and cultivate a raised bed (4-feet-by-18-feet) during all four seasons of the year
  • Devote 3-5 hours a week on average to care for the bed
  • Gather your produce weekly in time for the food pantry delivery
  • Report your volunteer time and harvest poundage weekly through your online volunteer profile
  • Volunteer at the monthly PCG workdays year-round
  • Attend the PCG meetings (typically held after the monthly workday)

Plano Community Gardeners may keep up to half of their harvest while donating the remainder. Donated produce is delivered to local partner food pantries with the primary goal of providing fresh organic produce to Plano families in need. 

Group Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome groups of 25 or larger (maximum is 50) interested in a one-time volunteer opportunity at the garden. Groups are not required to attend a New Volunteer Orientation. The minimum age for groups is 13.

Request a group volunteer date by completing the request form.