Plano is a Scenic City

Plano has been honored as a Platinum-level 2012 Texas Certified Scenic City.

Scenic City Property Standards Director Cynthia O’Banner, Public Works Director Gerald Cosgrove, Planning Director Phyllis Jarrell, Parks and Recreation Director Amy Fortenberry, Building Inspections Director Selso Mata, Scenic City Representative Don M. Glendenning and Mayor Phil Dyer during the presentation of the Platinum-level Scenic City Award at the November 12, 2012 Plano City Council Meeting.

Scenic City Certification Program

The program recognizes municipalities that implement high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. Plano was honored as a Texas city with strong scenic standards that has been proven to enhance economic development, improve quality of life and foster a sense of place.

Scenic City Certification Program
Executive Director Anne Culver said, “Based on the strength of its ordinances and scenic programs, Plano has demonstrated its commitment to shaping a truly Scenic City that’s a great example for others to follow.”

Plano scored 322 points out of a possible 358 points. The city was evaluated based on 11 categories with 73 possible criteria. The categories were streetscape; parks, trails and public spaces; on-premises sign ordinance; off-premises signage; lighting standards for streetscapes and public spaces; landscaping in parking lots; protection of landscaping during construction activities; clearly-stated unity-of-design standards throughout the city or within defined areas or special districts; litter and graffiti; utility and cable line program; and dumpster screening. Cities can earn up to 20 bonus points for features or programs that contribute to its scenic appeal not listed in the specific categories. Each category has a direct correlation between the success of a city’s economic development efforts and the visual appearance of its public spaces.


Scenic City Certification