Energy Conservation

Reducing energy consumption in your home is one of the simplest ways to live green. Energy conservation can be accomplished through simple behavior changes (turning off lights when leaving a room) and through upgrades (installing efficient lighting). When put together, energy conservation strategies can help save money and improve the environment.

Behavior Changes

  • Turn off lights, fans and electronics when leaving a room
  • Adjust the thermostat when leaving your home
  • Use ceiling fans
  • Take shorter showers and conserve water
  • Change your air filters regularly (every 1-2 months)
  • Wash clothes in cold water


  • Install LED lightbulbs
  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR certified products and appliances
  • Seal leaks by caulking and weather-stripping
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated
  • Plant a tree to provide shade on your home


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