LGIP Champion Program

Want to take your volunteer experience to another level?  
Are you passionate about Plano and want to make a difference in the community?  If so, then the Live Green in Plano (LGIP) Champion Program is for you. The LGIP Champion Program offers six in-depth classes about different topics focusing on the environmental, economic and healthy well-being of our community. Upon completion of the classes LGIP Champions then dedicate a minimum of 24 volunteer hours and share their knowledge with other residents through community outreach. Register for the Live Green in Plano Champion program today!

A FREE LGIP polo and custom volunteer name badge is provided at graduation.
Learn about these topics:
- Water conservation and sources
- Green building & tour of the LEED Platinum certified Environmental Education Center
- Recycling & a tour of the Reuse Center
- Gardening & Composting
- Energy efficiency & air quality
- Community outreach & Graduation

Material is presented through City of Plano environmental education coordinators, volunteers, films, tours, and class discussions. Registration is required.

LGIP Champions 2015

Pictured from left: Jenny Wu, Christine Slote, Dustin Dunn, Autumn Croxell, Raymond Mudehwe, Chris Finley, Sharon Russell, Marta Soncodi, and Marc St.-Gil.