Doo the Right Thing!

Pick Up After Your Pet

Let’s face it – pet waste is a problem if not addressed. It’s not pretty, it causes water pollution problems and it’s a health risk to pets and people! Untreated pet waste washes into storm drains that flow into local creeks, eventually ending up in our lakes.

Plano Pet waste brochure-v4.bmpHelpful Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Pet

  • Bag it. Attach a small bag to your dog's leash with a supply of bags. Pick up after your dog on walks.
  • Toss it in the trash. Use a plastic bag to pick up the waste and toss it in your trash can.
  • Reuse plastic bags. Bread bags, newspaper sleeves, or produce bags are great for picking up pet waste.
  • Keep your cats indoors. Indoor cats are healthier, live longer, and don’t contribute to water pollution.
  • Keep your yard clean. Remember to pick up pet waste in your yard at least weekly.
  • Use a digester. Learn to use an in-ground pet waste digester – it’s like having a septic system just for your pet!

Debunking Pet Waste Myths 

  • Dog doo is not a fertilizer.
    It contains bacteria and diseases that are harmful to people and pets. It’s also high in nitrogen and phosphorus, which leave those familiar burn marks on your lawn. Those chemicals are bad for your lawn and our creeks.
  • Every doo matters - It all adds up!
    There are over 125,000 dogs and cats in Plano. In just one week a single dog can produce 5 pounds of doo and a cat can make 1 pound of doo. That's almost 20 million pounds of waste a year just in Plano!
  • Fences do not keep your pet's waste on your property.
    Rain and sprinklers wash pet waste down storm drains and into nearby creeks causing water pollution. Make sure to clean up the doo in your yard once a week and put it in the trash.
  • It does matter if you pick up after your pet.
    If others see you picking up after your pet, it creates a culture of responsibility. After all, no one wants to be labeled as "Ms. Won't-Scoop-the-Poop"!

It's the Law!

  • Pet owners must pick up their pet's waste (unless it occurs on their own property).
  • Pet owners must visibly have materials (bags) ready to pick up after their pet.
  • Read more about these ordinances and other animal regulations.