To view the City of Plano's Operating Budget (General Fund) and Community Investment Program (CIP) Budget in our Open Budget Portal, click here.

We understand that your property tax value has increased in the last few years.

To help ease this burden, City Council is considering lowering the tax rate by 1¢ per $100 of assessed property valuation, from 48.86¢ to 47.86¢, or about $2.17 reduction a month for the average Plano homeowner.

Just like your personal family budget, City Council must decide where to allocate funds. Walk through the budget with us to get a better understanding of this year's process. Click here to view an infographic highlighting the details of the 2016-2017 City Manager's Recommended Budget..
After reading about the budget process and the 2016-17 "Bucket List", we ask to put yourself in City Council’s shoes. In reviewing the “Bucket List” of items, which (if any) would you want City Council to add to the budget? Take the NextDoor Opinion Poll and let us know what you think!