Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Department’s Training Unit is to provide the City of Plano with well-trained, professional police officers and civilian personnel, and to provide employees with opportunities to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform their duties and be better prepared to act appropriately in a vast number of situations. The Plano Police Academy Mission Statement is: To provide employees the opportunity to succeed by maintaining a positive learning environment and establishing a positive attitude toward work and the police department.

At this time, the Plano Police Department does not conduct basic peace officer classes.

Facilities & Staffing

The Plano Police Department Training Unit is housed in the Plano-Richardson Police Training Center located at 4912 14th Street in Plano, Texas. Facilities include the main building with administrative offices, three (3) classrooms with movable tables and chairs which will seat 25-30 students, an auditorium with fixed tables and movable chairs which will seat 48 students, a gymnasium, weight room with treadmill, elliptical, stationary bicycles, etc, basketball court, men and women’s locker rooms, a 12-lane outdoor pistol range and a 3-lane outdoor rifle range, a dedicated firearms simulator, a conference room and library, and a driving track which will accommodate pursuit driving training.

The Plano Police Department training staff consists of the Training/Homeland Security Lieutenant, the Training Coordinator (rank of Sergeant), two Training Officers, a Police Training Assistant, and a part-time Range Maintenance Technician.

If you have any suggestions or comments for the Training Unit, please email the Training Coordinator, Sergeant Lindy Privett via email (

Additional information will be available soon regarding our available training opportunities.