Anonymous Tip Tool

The Plano Police Department has launched  tip411, an internet based tool that enables the public to text message anonymous tips to police, and allows the police to respond back if necessary.

Reserved exclusively for Public Safety purposes and powered by CitizenObserver, a St. Paul, Minnesota Company,tip411 puts a powerful new crime fighting tool into the hands of the Plano community for all ages and demographics.

 tip411 is not a substitute for calling the Police Department to report any in-progress incident. If an immediate response is needed, please dial 911 in cases of emergency or 972-424-5678 if no emergency exists.

Anonymous web tips can also be submitted via the  tip411 webpage.

How to Set Up

Cell phone set up for  tip411 is easy:

  1. Under ‘Contacts' on your cell phone, establish a new contact titled "847411" and save.
  2. Now go to your text messaging as you would to send a text message to someone.
  3. In the "To" block (who you're going to send it to), select the contact "847411".
  4. Drop to your text box; once in the text box type in "PLANOPD" followed by a space.
  5. Then type in your crime tip and push send once your crime tip is complete.

An example tip would look like this:

PLANOPD There have been a lot of strange cars and people at 1234 Any Street. Many people go in and come out of the house at all hours of the day and night and they are very noisy at night.

Once a crime tip is sent, you will receive a message from CitizenObserver indicating the message has been forwarded to the Plano Police Department. Plano Police personnel may then respond back to the sender asking for additional information. If the sender does not want any further contact, the sender only needs to text the word "stop" back to 847411 and the contact between the sender and the police department is broken. Please note that text message charges may apply to your account, depending on the terms of the service.