The City of Plano is committed to sustainable living through active promotion, ongoing outreach, and community services.

  • Environmental Waste Services Division provides for the collection of refuse, yard trimmings, recycling, household chemicals, and bulky waste from residential customers, collects litter from medians and rights-of-way, and promotes, educates and involves commercial customers in programs and projects that result in a reduction of solid waste, including providing organic collections. The City of Plano practices single stream recycling which recycles materials through its curbside program. One-hundred percent of collected recyclable materials are transported for processing to various recycling markets.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Education Division is committed to partner with Plano's citizens, business community, and educational institutions to promote sustainable development and lifestyles and to provide model environmental education services which contribute to an enhanced overall quality of life in Plano. Frequent classes and information on efficiency, recycling and environmental awareness are promoted through the City’s program, Live Green in Plano. The Environmental Education Center is a state-of-the-art teaching facility.
  • Commercial Recycling promotes, educates and involves commercial customers in waste reduction and recycling programs through waste audits, technical assistance, training, and workshops. Commercial Recycling also operates an organic collections program and coordinates the City's commercial waste hauling contract with Allied Waste Services.
  • Compost Operations and Marketing Division is responsible for operating the North Texas Municipal Water District Regional Composting Facilities, marketing the finished Texas Pure products, and educating the public about the use and benefits of compost. The City of Plano began operating a composting program in 1992 as part of an integrated solid waste management plan to divert recyclable materials from landfills.

 City of Plano Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Responsibility

  • Environmental Education Center - 2013 LEED Public Project of the Year
  • USGBC North Texas Chapter Green Ribbon Award
  • 1st Place, ECO Teens - Live Green in Plano, Civic Organization Program Award, Keep Texas Beautiful
  • Outstanding Outreach Award 2012-13, Air North Texas

Complete list of achievements

Texas Excels in Clean Energy

Texas had more clean energy jobs than every other state except California and garnered more clean energy venture capital investment than most in 2007, according to a study by Pew Charitable Trusts. The study shows that 55,646 people were employed in the clean energy industry in Texas. Pew counted jobs in five categories: clean energy production, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly production, conservation and pollution mitigation, and training and support. Researchers attributed Texas' success to state policies that create incentives and mandates for clean energy. (6/09)

 Texas has more wind energy capacity than any other state, according to a 2009 american Wind Energy Association report, and is building power lines to support even more.