Juror Information

Where to Report for Jury Service
Before reporting for jury duty, please call the Municipal Court Juror Information line to confirm whether you are still needed for jury duty. To call the information line, call 972-941-2199. For instructions in English, press one, and for juror information, press one again.

If all trials are still scheduled, you must appear at 900 East 15th Street, Plano, 75074 on the date and time stated on your jury notice. When greeted by the front receptionist, let them know you are here for jury duty. You will go through the security check point and then proceed to the court rooms.

Where to Park
Parking is free. You may park at the Raymond Robinson Justice Center or additional parking is available across the street at Haggard Park.

Appropriate Attire
Business casual is appropriate attire for all jurors. Some may find the building chilly; therefore, you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket for comfort. Shorts of any kind and tank tops are not appropriate and will not be permitted in the court room. See the Court Room Rules of Etiquette page for more information.