Severe Weather Information

The City of Plano prides itself in providing safe and effective driving conditions for all citizens no matter the weather. An effective transportation system is key to economic development and during winter months, citizens have come to expect roads to be cleared for safe driving. Snow and ice control is a public safety concern as police, fire and ambulances need to be able to reach places where their services are urgently needed. The following information is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of winter conditions and procedures. It is important to know how snow plowing and removal will be carried out.

Before a winter storm strikes Plano, there are some things you should know.

Before a Winter Storm

Before a storm hits, be prepared. Strong storms can knock out power for hours at a time. Have a 72-hour emergency kit with flashlights, a battery-powered radio, non-perishable food and drinking water.

During a Winter Storm

Remain off the roads if possible. Winter storms cause hazardous driving conditions. Remaining off the roads will ensure your safety and reduces the number of accidents which can free up emergency personnel to respond to more critical needs. Listen to radio or television for weather reports and emergency information.

After a Winter Storm

Roads may be dangerous to drive on after a storm. Ice accumulates and is difficult to see. Slick conditions can create serious driving hazards. Listen to your local media outlets for updates on road conditions. If you MUST drive, reduce your speed in snow and ice conditions. Learn to drive for the condition of the road; even 4x4’s have difficulty stopping on ice.

Snow Removal

After a winter storm hits, City of Plano crews will work on sanding and salting intersections, bridges and hills first. After those areas are taken care of, crews will work on problem areas identified by the Police and Public Works Department. The City does NOT sand residential streets, alleys and private roads and does NOT have jurisdiction over snow and ice removal for highways and toll ways. Please be patient, even though your street may still have snow and ice on it, the City of Plano is working around the clock to ensure your safety.

Plano is not considered a “Snow City,” therefore our fleet is not as large as other cities of comparable size in other states. Major snowstorms are rare and snowplows are expensive. Therefore, the City of Plano does not own any snow plows. The City of Plano focuses on sanding and salting high-risk areas. Please be patient, as we have a limited amount of trucks and supplies to make the roads safe. By doing this we help save taxpayer dollars for these rare winter events.

Sanding and Salting

The application of sand and salt begins when frozen precipitation begins to fall. All operations begin by sanding/salting the intersections, bridges and hills. This continues until all are clear, or until it is no longer effective due to the depth of snow.Download a sanding zone map here.

Remember to exercise caution and make well-informed decisions when a severe winter storm hits Plano. For more information, please visit our website.

The city does not provide electric services. Residents can report outages to their electric service provider.The City of Plano cannot report your electrical outage.

During extreme weather situations, please report your outage to your electric delivery provider. The City of Plano cannot report your electrical outage. As soon as it is safe, crews and contractors will begin to repair and re-energize damaged power lines.