Neighborhood Vitality & Beautification Grants

Watch the video below to learn about best practices that will help you when applying for Neighborhood Vitality and Beautification Grants.

The new 2019-2020 Program Guidelines are now available. Connect with the Program Administrator now to confirm eligibility of proposed project and neighborhood group. 

 The City of Plano has developed the Neighborhood Vitality and Beautification Grant Program to support the city’s strategic goal of “vibrant and renewing neighborhoods”. This program provides matching grants to neighborhood groups interested in building strong relationships around a community-driven beautification project. All projects must:  

  • support neighborhood goals
  • be highly visible from the public realm
  • have a community benefit
  • enlist community participation
  • result in an enhancement of the neighborhood appearance
  • be within the City of Plano limits

The program is a matching grant that requires a match from the neighborhood. The match requirement can be met with cash, in-kind donations and volunteer hours. 

Voluntary Neighborhood Groups Matching Levels 

  • Small Grants up to $2,000 
    • 70% City Contribution/30% Neighborhood Contribution
  • Large Grants between $2,001 and $10,000 
    • 60% City Contribution/40% Neighborhood Contribution

Mandatory Neighborhood Groups Matching Levels 

  •  Mandatory Groups contribute 50% for both small and large grants

Please review the guidelines for more information.

The program has two grant cycles, fall and spring, each year. Carefully review the 2019-2020 Guidelines. The Fall 2020 application is now closed on Zoom Grants. The Spring 2021 applications will be open in November, 2020. Paper applications will no longer be accepted. For additional questions, please email Kala Krishnan, the program administrator or call 972-208-8150. For technical website issues, please visit the FAQ Zoomgrants webpage or contact their Technical Support Team at 866-323-5405.