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Virtual Art Tours

Virtual art tours provide an opportunity to enjoy art on exhibit in the Plano Libraries

Any Santos virtual art tour at Plano Public Library

Any Santos - Virtual Tour

Artist Any Santos hosted her art at Parr Library in 2020. Any makes photographs with older, conventional technology that are memorable, different and as unique as her point of view
Brenda McKinney Virtual Art Tour at Plano Public Library

Brenda McKinney - Virtual Tour

Brenda McKinney’s work showcases handmade mandalas. McKinney was an 18st AIRSpace artist in residence with Plano Public Library. She put her artwork on exhibit at Davis Library in 2020
Ziesook You Virtual Art Tour at Plano Public Library

Ziesook You - Virtual Tour

Ziesook You works in a variety of genres, including photography, video, installation and painting. The "Scent of Broq-pa" project expresses happiness in the coexistence of humans and nature
Moreland Arts Virtual Tour at Plano Public Library

Moreland Arts - Virtual Tour

Moreland Arts is a partnership of artists Flynt and Lisa Moreland. The Moreland's put their artwork on exhibit at Parr Library in 2020
Caterina Provost-Smith Visual Art Tour at Plano Public Library

Caterina Provost-Smith - Virtual Tour

Caterina Provost-Smith, previously an 18st AIRSpace artist in residence with Plano Public Library, hosted her art at Schimelpfenig Library in 2020

Spotlight Art at Plano Public Library
Spotlight Art

Spotlight Art features artist demonstrations and artist-led workshops at all five libraries. The hands-on, interactive time with visiting artists allows people across the city to experience art at the library. More info

Public Art on display at each of the five libraries

Water and the Plow at Davis Library

Water and the Plow

by Teresa Camozzi
Based on the poem 1970: Inevitability by Alan Birkelbach
Davis Library Directions
Boy Reading a Book at Davis Library

Boy Reading a Book

From the Randolph Rose Collection
Davis Library Directions
Now Becomes Memories, Tomorrow Becomes Now at Haggard Library

Now Becomes Memories, Tomorrow Becomes Now

by Teresa Camozzi
Based on the poem The Douglass Community by Alan Birkelbach
Haggard Library Directions
Dish, Block and Feather at Harrington Library

Dish, Block & Feather

by Jack Campbell
Artist Statement How a Sculpture Came to Be
Harrington Library Directions
Growing Ties at Harrington Library

Growing Ties

by Teresa Camozzi
Based on the poem The Railroad by Alan Birkelbach
Harrington Library Directions
Ghostly Driven Riches at Parr Library

Ghostly Driven Riches

by Teresa Camozzi
Based on the poem Legacy by Alan Birkelbach
Parr Library Directions
Future Promises at Schimelpfenig Library

Future Promises

by Teresa Camozzi
Based on the poem Bicentennial Oak by Alan Birkelbach
Schimelpfenig Library Directions
Together, literacy and visual arts celebrate Plano. The first discussions of how to put art in Plano Public Library began in 2006 after City Council approved funds for the project. The Public Art Committee conceived the idea to use poetry as inspiration for visual art. Alan Birkelbach was commissioned to write poems, and the Public Art Committee appointed an Artist Selection Panel to review work submitted from artists nationwide. Teresa Camozzi became the final artist from a process that began with almost 50 submissions.

After a design phase with public input, the art was fabricated and installed in September 2008. The five artworks are: Growing Ties, Future Promises, Now Becomes Memories, Tomorrow Becomes Now, Water and the Plow, and Ghostly Driven Riches.

Alan Birkelbach was appointed by the Texas Legislature as the 2005 Poet Laureate of Texas. A widely-published native son of Texas, he has been a Plano resident for over 25 years. His work, praised for its vivid sense of place, has appeared in several journals, and his books include: Bone Sone, Weighed in the Balances, No Boundaries, and New and Selected Works. Read Alan Birkelbach's poems in Translating the Prairie

Teresa Camozzi is an accomplished artist based in San Francisco, California. Her work is permanently installed in dozens of sites nationally, including hospitals, museums, banks and hotels. She has extensive experience collaborating with public and private institutions and using a wide variety of media to create unique, site-specific work in content and design.

Photographs used in the installation at Harrington and Haggard Libraries are from the Frances Wells Collection in the Genealogy Center at Plano Public Library, the Interurban Railway Museum, and the Ben Thomas Family collection.