Initiative Petitions

Initiative is a procedure under which ordinances or resolutions can be proposed through a citizen petition for submittal directly to the voters at an election. Please note that there are certain subject matters that by state statute or Texas court decisions are outside the scope of the initiative process. An initiative petition form can be obtained here.

In addition to the state law requirements in Chapter 277 of the Texas Election Code which are applicable to initiative petitions and which are set out in the overview herein, the Plano City Charter has rules relating to initiative petitions in Section 7.02. Legislation may by initiated by petition to the City Secretary which requests that a proposed ordinance or resolution be submitted to a citizen vote.

The petition must be signed by registered voters of the city equal in number to twenty (20)% of the number of votes cast at the last regular municipal election of the city, or one hundred fifty (150), whichever is greater. The precise number of signatures needed for an initiative petition can be obtained by contacting the Plano City Secretary’s office. Signatures to an initiative petition become ineffective and will not be counted if they were placed on the petition more than forty-five (45) days prior to the filing of the petition. A copy of the proposed legislation must be attached to each page of the petition. The initiative petition must be verified by oath as indicated in the overview herein.

Subject to a valid initiative petition being submitted to the City, the City Council can either adopt or pass the ordinance or resolution as requested by the petitioners or they can call a special election in accordance with the Texas Election Code and submit the legislation to the voters for consideration.