About Us

Franchise Utilities
Franchise Utilities, a division of Policy and Government Relations, is committed to providing excellent service to Plano residents. We act as a liaison between citizens and utility providers, where State and Federal Law allow.

Utility Providers
Please use the service provider map to determine provider options for your electric, gas, cable, and internet services. The map also contains provider contact information.

Damaged Equipment
You may report damaged utility equipment, such as transmission boxes, unburied cables or utility pedestals, located in the City utility easements to this office.

Streetlight Outages
You can report streetlight outages to our office, or you can report outages directly to the provider.

Power Outages and Gas Leaks
In case of a power outage, you must contact your provider directly. We cannot report the outage for you. You can find the outage number for your provider on your electric bill. In case of a gas leak, please dial 9-1-1.

Please contact your provider directly for billing and service related issues.