Environmental Star of Excellence Business Awards


  • Environmental Stewardship: Recognizes the environmental commitment of a business with 50 or more employees, which implements environmental initiatives that go beyond impacting its immediate organization.
  • Corporate Campus: Recognizes a campus employing over 500 employees which integrates multiple waste reduction processes, engages its employees in community outreach and allocates resources in part on an altruistic basis.
  • Green Construction: Recognizes a construction project or partnership which results in a high diversion rate or efficient building construction.
  • Small Business: Recognizes a business with less than 50 full-time employees which exhibits sustainable practices and initiatives.
  • Multi-Family: Recognizes a multi-family community (including senior living facilities) which has incorporated green features and offers environmentally friendly options to its residents.
  • Green Business Certified (GBC): Recognizes a Green Business Certified program member which exhibits a commitment to our environment and community.

Environmental Business Awards Application.  Applications are due July 8.