Drainage, Erosion & Floodplain Development

Thank you for visiting the City of Plano’s Drainage, Floodplain and Stormwater Development page.  Please refer to the links below for specific items related to your drainage, floodplain or stormwater needs.

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Streambank Stabilization Program - The CIP Division has a program to address erosion along creeks in the City of Plano. In the Municipal Drainage CIP Budget, $500,000 is budgeted each year to address this problem. Many creeks in the City of Plano are maintained by the homeowners adjacent to the creek or neighborhood Homeowners Associations.  However, there are also several areas owned by the City of Plano.  Areas to fix are selected based on the relationship of the creek to the boundary of the drainage easement and the relationship of the erosion problem to any structures.

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