Envision Oak Point

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Envision Oak Point is a long-range planning policy that presents the community’s vision for a 730-acre segment of land serving as Plano’s northeast gateway. Adopted by the Plano City Council on July 23, 2018, this community-driven planning policy serves as a guide for the future of this area, promoting new investment that responds to the community’s vision of "Enhancing Community, Establishing Place".


The Envision Oak Point vision and strategic planning framework provides:

  • A clear vision guided by community stakeholders
  • Guidance for property owners considering rezoning and development
  • Policy direction for decision makers during review of zoning requests
  • A development framework to ensure availability of infrastructure

The Envision Oak Point Community Vision is shaped by three components. These include:

  • A Community Vision Map that applies desired Development Types, mobility improvements, and social amenities to the Oak Point area
  • A Strategic Framework that communicates shared goals, policies, and actions for the future of the Oak Point area
  • Sub-Area Strategies that provide site specific design guidance for critical elements of the community vision

To learn more about how the Envision Oak Point Community Vision may be implemented, we encourage you to Download the Adopted Plan and associated Plan Implementation Tools provided here.  

Planning Department staff is available to address any Envision Oak Point related inquiries and/or to provide updates at neighborhood, community groups, and professional organization meetings.

Vision Statement