Plano Water Resources

Plano cares about the quality of our water. We work together with our residents and fellow North Texas Municipal Water District member cities to provide reliable and safe water for your everyday use. Visit the links below to learn more about our water, ways to conserve, water quality and how to pay your bill.

Review the Draft Water Management Plan, Drought and Emergency Response Plan and Waste Water Ordinance

The City of Plano is currently updating its Water Management Plan. This plan guides long-term water conservation in coordination with the Water Waste Ordinance. The Drought and Emergency Response Plan is implemented when a drought or an emergency water situation is declared. It’s time to review these plans and the ordinance to make them better. 

Draft updates to these document will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, March 19. Comments are accepted at this meeting and through April 5. On Monday, April 22, the final plans and ordinance go to City Council for adoption. Watch either meeting on the City of Plano Facebook Live.

Take a look at the recommended draft plans and ordinance:

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