Special Event Medics

Special Special Event Medic AmbulanceEvents play a major role in the growth of the City of Plano by supporting the financial growth of wonderful charities, bringing stimulation and instrumental fund raising for spirited causes, providing community entertainment, and bringing families together for a day full of life long memories and fun in the great outdoors.

The Special Event Medic Program (SEMs) provides key medical support for City of Plano supported special events.  This medical team is made up of 36 Advanced Licensed Paramedics (ALS) that operate under second to none medical direction with state of the art medical technology, progressive medical protocols, and superior skill sets...all driven through progressive advanced life support training.

The origin of Plano Fire-Rescue’s Special Event Medic (SEMs) Program dates back to 1995 with the need for medics at our nationally recognized Plano Balloon Festival. The Special Event Medic Program currently utilizes ALS Medical Intensive Care Units, motorized medical carts, mountain bikes, medical tents, fire apparatus, and other specialized equipment. By bringing medical support to an event, Plano Fire-Rescue’s Special Event Medics help ensure the focus of a special event remains centered on the spirit of the event, while our onsite medical staff is readily available to provide any medical care that may be required.